you're not really here,
the radio.

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Anonymous: Work on that.

Will you help?

Anonymous: Maybe you should die?


Anonymous: Die.



i had to stop taking books to the bathroom because i would pee for 11 seconds and read for 17 minutes

Sorry, too accurate to not reblog
12:29 pm

Over all, I think social media hasn’t been a terrible utensil for the people that use it wisely. However, in a personal sense, the exposure of so many strangers with a typed personality can be really overwhelming. Talking to people from around the world is great and seeing/hearing their work is always inspiring, but it’s also too much. I yearn to be with these people. I yearn to see them/hear them in person. Share a doughnut and a cup of coffee and hear what they have to say. It makes my own life so dull. Especially knowing that these people can’t possibly be so different than the people that are actually around me. Atmospherically, maybe. Culturally, maybe, but it’s a stretch. Cincinnati is small but really full of something. Can’t quite grasp it. Anyways. It’s depressing. I need a break.

can’t deal with all the hair
public reminder:

I talk to Michael Ivins at least once every 10 days over the phone for what kind of pizza he would like delivered to his house which is not even 5 minutes away. We’re buds. I hope I see him in his skeleton ensemble for Halloween and he can play Vaseline for me.
That would be supreme, but….
won’t happen
that is all

didn’t venture
12:21 am

i don’t need people a lot
it’s a problem i know
like a stool and four chairs
arranged and aware
i’ll stand
i’ve been sitting for hours
minutes and hours
idle fingers with an idle mind
nothing dangerous
not here

See that big blot? No idea.
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