you're not really here,
the radio.

IG | samwitchie

didn’t venture
12:21 am

i don’t need people a lot
it’s a problem i know
like a stool and four chairs
arranged and aware
i’ll stand
i’ve been sitting for hours
minutes and hours
idle fingers with an idle mind
nothing dangerous
not here

See that big blot? No idea.
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#HowardUniversity students silently speak out. #PleaseDontShoot #powerful #HU #HowardU #iftheygunnedmedown

"Making Faces", Nicole Kidman photographed by Kevyn Aucoin, 1999
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Anonymous: I can't get you out of my head.

Piss off


I literally felt like I did not have a choice.
Robin Williams says reblog, you reblog. 
i hesitated for a second and then considered the repercussions
do it for Robin Williams
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don’t speak
herrrby hancock